Marie-Laure Dancer
Career & Executive Leadership Coach
AuthentiCareer LLP

Feexa Nicoll
Image Consultant.
Entrepreneur. Activist. Wellness Specialist.

Cymantha Sothiar
Asst Manager, Central Reservations Office (Former PA to CEO)
Tune Hotels Management Sdn Bhd

Marianna Pascal
Communication Skills Trainer, Award-Winning Speaker,
Best-selling Author


Nadira Yusoff
Nadi-Ayu Technologies Sdn Bhd

Datuk Jake Abdullah
Chief Executive Officer,
Astro Radio Sdn Bhd
Commercial Radio Malaysia

Iman Azman
Senior Marketing Executive
The dUCk Group


Vandana Sharma
Woman Icon Asia Pacific 2017 BERG Singapore, Military veteran, Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker

Nicole Graham
Founder & Director
Bauhinia Solutions Limited

Mohd Shefee Din

Vinoth Haiqal
Operations SEA & I


Agenda Day 1: 7th March 2018
8:30am Registration and Morning Coffee
9:00am Welcoming Remarks by the Producer
9:05am Opening Remarks by Chairperson
9:15am Opening Speech
9:30am Office Management
Understanding the Role of PAs from office assistant towards Unofficial Partner by making yourself Indispensable to your Organization
When the whole industries is changing, the responsibilities and expectation for each employee changes as well. In this session, we will cover how you can make yourself indispensable by being the most prominent person in the office.
10:00am Self Improvement
Getting Personal about Personal Assistants – the evolution of assisting

  • How did we get to this point in our lives?
  • What can we do with the opportunities we are given
  • How do we evolve into more than being “just a PA”

Iman Azman, Senior Marketing Executive, The dUCk Group

10:30am Morning Refreshment & Networking Session
11:00am Confidence
Thriving in your career: 6 ways to build your professional brand and create impact at work
In this presentation, we will highlight how to develop self confidence at work and identify your key-skills by providing practical tools to discover your “Best-Self” at work. The speaker will refer to Emotional Intelligence and how improving your EQ contributes to boost your career and maintain satisfying work relationships.Marie-Laure Dancer, Career & Executive Leadership Coach, AuthentiCareer LLP
11:30am Confidence
Are you a Human Being, a Human Doing, or a Human Thinking?

  • about working mindfully (being)
  • being a good executer (doing)
  • having a business mindset (thinking)

Nicole Graham, Founder & Director, Bauhinia Solutions Limited

12.00pm Business Sustainability
The Strategic Role of PAs to Enhance your Business Sustainability
A PA or Administrative Personnel are not just an Assistant in the organization anymore. They are expected to understand the business they are in, voice out when needed and be the Assistant and Administration of the Business itself. In this session, we will re-strategize your role and enhance your business sustainability.Vandana Sharma, Woman Icon Asia Pacific 2017 BERG Singapore, Military veteran, Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker
12:30pm LUNCH BREAK!
2:00pm Leadership
Leadership and Communication for PAs and when does the PA comes into the Picture
As a PA or Administrative Personnel, Leadership and Communication skill is important. Especially to know when and where to show our skills. In this session, we will discover how Cymantha, from being the PA to the CEO, evolved to a Managerial post through her excellent Leadership and Communication traits.Cymantha Sothiar, Asst Manager, Central Reservations Office (Former PA to CEO), Tune Hotels Management Sdn Bhd
2:30pm Confidence
Confidence? Where got Confidence?: How to speak up powerfully with bosses, colleagues & customers
Why is it so hard to speak up? We’ve got ideas to share, but when it comes to sticking our neck out and saying what we think, we keep quiet. It’s all about fear, isn’t it? Fear of mistakes and looking foolish.
So, how do we overcome this challenge so that we can speak up with
confidence? In this humourous and lively talk, Marianna shares with you her own funny experiences speaking up in Bahasa Malay. You’ll hear stories of amazing Malaysians who have overcome their shyness to become successful communicators. You’ll learn great tips so that you can contribute to any conversation with complete confidence!Marianna Pascal, Communication Skills Trainer, Award-Winning Speaker, Best-selling Author
3:00pm Stress Management

  • Because one of the easiest ways to eliminate stress and put a smile on the face is to find a way to make someone else’s day. When stress beats us down, it’s usually because we put too much focus on ourselves.
  • On Image and why it is important?
  • Tricks and Ways to improve posture at work to enhance productivity and peace of mind.
  • Boosting the self-esteem at work.

FEEXA NICOLL, Image Consultant, Entrepreneur, Activist & Wellness Specialist.

3:30pm Afternoon Break & Networking Session
4:00pm Digital Workplace
Innovation & Influence of Technology in Office Culture and How Secretarial and Administrative can use it to their AdvantageThe Office Culture has changed so much since the start of this decade. Right now, we are at the fastest era of technology innovation. If we don’t get tech savvy or enhance our knowledge on today’s office technology, we will be considered obsolete. This session will not only pour you with awareness and technology knowledge, but also how we can use it as our advantage.Nadira Yusoff, CEO, Nadi-Ayu Technologies Sdn Bhd
4:30pm Panel Discussion
Turning all the stones available to ensure Secretarial and Administrative personal becomes the most valuable member in the organization
Join the Panel Discussion where PAs, Administrative Personnel, Industry Experts comes together to discuss about the future of works, the current issues and exchange ideas and tips.
5.30pm End of Day 1

*Conference Agenda is subject to change without prior notice

Agenda Day 2: 8th March 2018
8:30am Registration and Morning Coffee
9:00am Welcoming Remarks by the Producer
9:15am Office Technology
Reinvent Productivity, Enhance Confidence, Speed Adapting Skills and Build Competitive AdvantageIn order to keep yourself valuable, you must be at the most advanced version of yourself. Constantly improving yourself and your productivity. This session will give you easy tips and steps to reinvent and enhance your skills, productivity and adaptability to competitiveness.

Datuk Jake Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer, Astro Radio Sdn Bhd, President, Commercial Radio Malaysia

9:35am Adaptability
Adapting into the Multi-Generational Workplace in Today’s Environment
Adapting to changes is always a hassle for an office with an existing office culture. Today’s work doesn’t look at ages. Whether you are a veteran or baby bloomer, it is crucial that you could work together even with all the age gap and different culture brought in to the office. This session will cover the steps to master Change Management in your office.

Mohd Shefee Din, Manager, PETRONAS

10:05am Social Skills
Identifying and Expanding your Networks and Contacts that will be Useful in your Work
Due to our boss will always be busy and move around a lot, it is better to equip ourselves with all the contacts, expanding our networks and keep a great relationship with them. This will be a very helpful tool to assist you whenever your boss or your office need anything. Expanding networks also will fill you with many knowledge in and out of your job scope and make you one of the most valuable person in the organization. In this session, we will explore the benefits of Expanding your contacts and how to target the right connection for you.
10:35am Morning Refreshment & Networking Session
11:05am Self Improvement
Adding Character, Power and Class to your Communication Skills and Deliver your Presence Confidently and Constructively

Vinoth Haiqal, South East Asia Hub Manager, NIKE, Inc

11:35pm Office Management
Creating A Healthy Workplace and Handling Workplace Bullying through Emotional Intelligence
Workplace and be intimidating for anyone. Some have more experience than you, some possesses latest skills and better idea than you. But that doesn’t mean they can bully you into making the decision or making you do a work. Some employee even faces bully directly from their own boss. This is a very important session where you know when, where and how to make your move and come into the picture to create a healthy workplace and handling workplace bullying.
12:05pm Financial Literacy
Prioritizing Financial Literacy in order to Manage Financial Affair Well in both Work and Personal Life
Financial Literacy is important for PAs and Administrative. They must possesses the knowledge of how money works, how to save them, how you can balance the cost. For both personal and also your organization. This skills will always be handy in your life. This session will explain further of why it is important for you to have Financial Literacy and how you can make best use of it.
12:35pm LUNCH BREAK!
2:00pm A Very Special BIGIT Session!

Coming Soon

2:30pm Office Management
Creating a Comfortable Virtual Office to be able to Work from anywhere, smarter and quicker and Help Ease your Schedule
We have covered some office technology and technology literacy of how you can take advantage of the current technology. However, most of us still are working more than normal business hour and sometimes on the weekend or your off day. This session will help you in setting up a virtual office for yourself. This will ensure that you will always stay connected from anywhere you are without taking much of your time. Able to work from anywhere, make your decision smarter and quicker and also help to create a better schedule.
3:00pm Corporate Wellness
Be the Pace of your Organization by starting with your own Body!
Due to hectic scheduling and balancing work and personal life, we seldom have time for ourselves. Especially to take care of our own health. This session will help you to solve that problem. Our dietician/nutritionist will demonstrate and give you tips and advice of what to put into your body in order to make sure you are always healthy and energized! Healthy and energized body will produce a positive vibe and also to the people around you and improve your productivity as well.
3:30pm Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Coffee
4:00pm Panel Discussion
Future of Workplace
This session will discuss on the current state of Workplace, how it was and what can we expect for the near future. Things such as office technology, is making a drastic transformation in our office. How do we prepare ourselves for the imminent future. This interactive session will discuss on the skills, knowledge, and other important things that is needed by the PAs and Administrative Personnel of the 21st century.
5:00pm Closing Remarks and End of Day 2

*Conference Agenda is subject to change without prior notice


BIGIT’s events are niche, exclusive and tailored according to market needs of the host city and as such, only relevant sponsors, exhibitors, and delegates are invited to attend. The BIGIT consists of the Conference Series and BIGIT Exhibition:

Conference Series focuses on the exploration and discussion on the latest technology trends such as Big Data, IOT and Smart Government. It acts as a platform to create awareness on these topics among industry players.

BIGIT Exhibition fosters the networking between vendors and end-users With a host of key industry players in attendance, it creates a conducive environment for business development and networking.


Secretaries and Office Administrator has existed since the beginning of Business itself. Being responsible of more than just their job scope, but making sure the office run smoothly. PAs has been the most reliable person for the Top Management in the company.

Today, PAs and Administrative personnel not only have to assist their boss for a normal desk job, they have to be updated with current issues, always plan ahead for any unexpected circumstances, informative, tech-savvy and possesses a very good sets of quality skills such as problem solving, decision making, report writing and presentation making is a few of the skill is needed in today’s secretarial job.

PA should step in to represent boss in important meetings, and when urgent decision is required the PA will be required to make decision on behalf of the boss. The PA must switch to be the boss when situation requires them to.

In this fast paced era, the economy is going digital, the business is going Virtual and Artificial Intelligence is transforming everything. It is time for PAs and Administrative personnel to evolve yourself to be the most valuable employee in the office.

This conference will bring you through the process of evolution of the Secretaries and Office Administrators for this Era.


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BIGIT’s events are niche, exclusive and tailored according to market needs of the host city and address the evolving nature of technological advancement. Our priority remains – to create value for the audience; to organise an exhibition for industry specialists yet catering to the
end users.

Incorporating both quality and quantity into our shows, some attendees have described us to have “a great balance between business networking and knowledge sharing”. Thus, we strive to Build Intelligence Globally in Technology and that makes us truly unique.

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