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H.E. Vicki Treadell, CMG MVO
British High Commissioner to Malaysia


Romain Bottier
HPCC | AI Subject Matter Expert
Dell EMC
South Asia

Melina Lee
Head of Business Development APAC, Workplace

Azran Osman-Rani
Founder and CEO,

Tim Degner
Design, Strategy, Data Storytelling, Insights
United States of America

Harphajan Singh
Chief Data Officer

Dr. Keeratpal Singh
Chief Data Scientist

Sumanyu Sharma
Machine Learning
Tesla, Inc.
United States of America

Dr. Jason Leong
Stand-up Comedian, Emcee, Medical Officer
J Comedy Productions Sdn Bhd

Chad Bond
Deputy Director, Standards Assurance for Government
Government Digital Service
United Kingdom

Dr Ettikan Karuppiah
Director, Developer Ecosystem, ASEAN

Edward Ling
Business Manager

Karina Besprosvan
Data storyteller, Insight & innovation
United States of America


Agenda Day 1: 4th September 2018
8.30am Registration and Morning Coffee
9.00am Welcoming Remarks by the Producer
9.05am Opening Remarks by Chairperson
9.15am Opening Speech


Keynote Presentation
Achieving Digital Economy is every country’s goal. Digital Economy will boost the development of every sectors and industries. Providing a better and advanced platform. In this session, we will be exploring on:
The Benefits of Achieving Digital Economy
How You can Play a Pivotal Role in the Transformation of the Economy
Examples of Successful Digital Economy in the World

Can BIG DATA Get Any Bigger?

Keynote Presentation
The Chronology of Big Data from an organizational transformation to Digital Transformation
Since the inception of Big Data, it has been the biggest business transformation of all organizations. Now, it is driving us towards the Digital Transformation. In this session, we will be covering on:
The Latest Trends on Big Data
How Big Data is Transforming the Economy from within
The Future of Big Data

The Time For A.I Is Now!

Keynote Presentation
Is it time to start implementing AI in your organization? The ‘Why’ and the ‘How’.
Artificial Intelligence has been seen as the ‘too advanced’ technology and not rationale to be implemented in our business. However by 2017, most of the companies are using AI. Not excluding Startups. In this session, we will be discovering:

  • How famous companies is using AI to improve their efficiency
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning are Making AI possible for everyone
  • What is the latest update in the AI and how it can help you achieve your organization goals in quarter of the time
10.30am Morning Refreshment & Networking Session

Ignite Innovation, Transform Life!

Expert Presentation
Why Digital Economy matters for transforming citizens’ lives, and why traditional methods need to be disrupted through technology
Achieving Digital Economy is not only a responsible of the government. It will improve the daily lives of us even from various class of business. If we ignore the importance of Digital Economy now, in no time, we will become an obsolete economy. In this session, you will understand:
How at-scale technology use in our business could be a “viable” business opportunity for both end
What are the constraints in achieving Digital Economy using technology and why a range of innovations remain fads

Go Big Data or Go Home!

Case Study
Evolving system with Big Data towards self-reliance and adopting the latest transformational plans towards the imminent future
It is time for us to evolve our business by using Big Data towards self reliance. In this era where every company is venturing into IT, we have to stop relying on the traditional way of using our data and instead, making it into our advantage. In this session, we will learn:

  • How to transform your system to fully utilize the data you have in achieving the maximum potentials
  • What are the benefits and advantages in doing so
  • How other companies who have used this method and boosted their efficiency

60 Minutes Ride to the Future!

Panel Discussion
Discovering the Potential of Big Data as a fastlane towards becoming a successfull Digital Economy
The big question is, how to use the big data to help you to make better decision to improve performance or discover a new ways to do so. In this session, we will find out:

  • How to create data transparency, improving human decision-making and promoting innovative business models
  • How to capture and harvest the potentials of your data
12.40pm Networking Luncheon Session

Untold Truth Risk about your Data 

Expert Presentation
Destroying your organization’s vulnerability and setting up an actionable defending against threat
In this year’s alone, there were several cases that shaken the world through hacking or viruses. Either stealing your data and asking for ransom or using it for their own advantages. We might think that this kind of problem only affects large multinational companies, that’s where we are wrong. In this session, we will cover on:

  • Understanding the risk you and your organization is facing
  • How we are thinking about cybercrimes risks until it became an inevitable problem
  • Protecting your data assets and the processes that govern them both


Case Studies
Understanding Big Data Capabilities and how it is keeping your Customer Experience alive
Since Big Data has become common in the industries. It is time to leverage Big Data to start acquire valuable customer experience insights and use that advantage to productively improve customer satisfaction, making sure of repeat purchases and to escalate customer retention. In this session, we will mastering on:

  • Exploring customer behavior, usage patterns, preferences and also to use the information to find your desired new customers through automatic segmentation and customer pattern analytics
  • Creating specific promotion to target the most suitable audience

Government BIG DATA

Case Studies
Transforming Public Service Delivery towards Tech-Friendly using Big Data Analytics
Noting that we are in the era of Digital Transformation, the governments have initiated a total digital transformation. By using Big Data analytics, will make sure to provide a greater public service delivery. In this session, we will discover how the government:

  • Acquire more data, equipping the valuable insights that comes with it and providing greater platform for the public
  • Used to use the traditional technology in the past and how it will change the economy
3.00pm Afternoon Break & Networking Session

The Cloud  Talk

Expert Presentation
Using Cloud as the Ultimate Weapon to Maximize Your Potential

Cloud computing is rapidly becoming a platform for customer experience, by setting up accumulation of customer data to enable an informative view of the customer. In this session, we will learn:

  • Utilizing cloud computing to tap into the benefits that a cloud model provides
  • Reducing the size of your data center and IT cost without effecting your productivity
  • Addressing the current issues in Cloud Computing and the solutions

Choose Wisely, Innovators

Case Study
Understanding the theoretical and empirical differences in Big Data Application for your company
The decision makers have to make an intense decision when handling with advanced technology to not end up as bad example in this era of digital transformation. In this session we will discover:

  • The best options of Big Data Application out there
  • Used case of Big Data Application
  • Choosing the right Big Data Application to suit your business purposes

Technology Today and Tomorrow!

Panel Discussion
Recapping the Innovations in 2017 that boosted the growth of companies and finding out the secret behind it
2017 has been the year of many technology innovations happened. These innovations with or without knowingly have influenced our daily live. From everyday use to organizational strategy has changed so drastically. In this session, we will cover the achievement of Big Data so far, the breakthrough of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, what 2018 hold for us and what we should do to keep up with these fast rising economy.

Loose yourself! You deserve it! #BecauseWeCan

*Conference Agenda is subject to change without prior notice

Agenda Day 2: 5th September 2018
8.30am Registration and Morning Coffee
9.00am Welcoming Remarks by the Producer


Keynote Presentation
Driving Unified Innovation for the Next Paradigm of Artificial Innovation
After a very fast paced era we had on technology innovation in all of industries and the economies, it is time for us to plan for what next. It is crucial to be unified to and start preparing for the next paradigm of the latest business technology of Artificial Intelligence. Making your business at the forefront and boost our digital economy.


Case Study
How Artificial Intelligence is Leveraging Machine Learning to boost your customer experience efficiently
Artificial Intelligence has been researched and applied since a long time ago. However, not all business and organization is able to use it to their advantage. Through machine learning, Artificial Intelligence has become possible and relevant for all business to enhance their effectiveness and productivity. It is time for us to leverage Machine Learning in order to utilize Artificial Intelligence and boost your Customer Experience.


Expert Presentation
Deep Learning: Making your Business on the Frontier of the Industry by Itself
After Machine Learning, the upgrade you need in your organizations is Deep Learning. Deep Learning can do things more than you can imagine a few years ago. Through deep learning, you are getting closer to the Future of Business Innovation and Artificial Intelligence. However, how do we use deep learning into an applicable options that can make your business as the frontier of the industry like other industries giants who have used Deep Learning.
10.15am Morning Refreshment & Networking Session


Panel Discussion
Preparing for the 21st Century Business Technology: Sustaining the current business demand by equipping the AIs
Business Sustainability is one of the crucial and important key skills that all business should have. However, bursting through the 21st century where every business, small or big, could be competitive with each other through the advancement of technology. It is time to use AI to our advantages and discovering the current business and market demands.


Expert Presentation
Disrupting the Unsustainable Market Dynamic using Big Data and Tapping into diversely populated and geographically disperse network to expand access for intellectual and operational resources
One of the most valuable element of Big Data is the Information that we can get from it. However, do we fully utilize the real power Big Data. Especially in an unsustainable market and different networks. In this session, we are going to discover how to disrupt the unsustainable market and tapping into inconsistent and diverse network to expand our access for an effective product.


Expert Presentation
Combining Machine Learning and Data Mining for Industrial Application
In this session, we will learn to get a more specific and focused result by combining machine learning and data mining. Which can be serve as features to a generate specific profiling and then system that combines evidence from multiple profilers for a more accurate result.


Case Study
Using data-driven decision models to generate business value
In order to cope and compete in the current market, business decision made must be supported by real data. All decision we make have to be driven by data in order to generate an effective business value that meets the market demand. In this session, we will learn how big data can be used to generate a valuable market data that can make your decision making process the best decision.
12.45pm Networking Luncheon Session



Look out this space! We will have something entertaining for you!



Case Study
Using Predictive Analytics to Analyze Demands and Anticipate Needs
Advance Analytics is the advantages that every organization and business needs to meet the accurate demand. By using predictive analytics, you will be able to use the data that you have and predict accurately of what is your market demands. In this session, we will go in depth analysis of how you can harvest your data and maximize the potential of it.


Case Study
Does FinTech truly Revolutionized Payment & Transaction and have delivered their Potentials?
Many financial institution and business has implemented FinTech. However, did FinTech really have been living up to the expectation and potential so far? In this session, we will go through a case studies of one of the FinTech real use case and the revolution it has brought.
3.00pm  Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Session


Case Study
Integrating Artificial Intelligence into your Existing Structure while Augmenting on your Return of Investment
Artificial Intelligence has already been implemented by various companies to improve their business effectiveness. However, still a lot of business owners are not sure whether it is a good investment for their business or is this the right time to implement. However, investing in Artificial Intelligence to be implemented in your business is proven that it does not only put you at the top of the industry, but by integrating it to your existing structure will increase the return of your investment on it. In this session, you will be look at a case studies of how you can re-strategize your business structure to integrate AI as one of the advantage in the industry.


Case Study
Adapting the Sustainability the Industry Demands to Survive the Wave of Technological Innovation
Governments and Private Sectors from around the world have been agressive and not slowing down in achieving a successful Digital Economy. Due to this, Technology Innovation has been transforming the Market Scene to a whole different situation. If we want to avoid being obsolete in this era where everyone competing to be more advance than the other, you have to adapt to sustain the industry demands and keep yourself at the top.


Panel Discussion
The Commitment and Innovation towards achieving Digital Economy and the Technology that comes with it
Join industry experts and key players to discuss what we have to do in order to survive Technology Innovation, targeting Digital Economy by evolving ourselves to the technologies that comes with it.
 5.10PM Closing Remarks and End of Day 2

*Conference Agenda is subject to change without prior notice


BIGIT is the birth of passion and growth. It starts from our BIGGER than life Culture and transcends to our Company, Colleagues and Clients.

BIGIT’s events are niche, exclusive and tailored according to market needs of the host city and as such, only relevant sponsors, exhibitors, and delegates are invited to attend. The BIGIT consists of the Conference Series and BIGIT Exhibition:

Conference Series focuses on the exploration and discussion on the latest technology trends such as Big Data, Government Technology, FINTECH, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Digital Workplace. It acts as a platform to create awareness on these topics among industry players.

BIGIT Exhibition fosters the networking between vendors and end-users With a host of key industry players in attendance, it creates a conducive environment for business development and networking.


Coming Soon


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BIGIT’s events are niche, exclusive and tailored according to market needs of the host city and address the evolving nature of technological advancement. Our priority remains – to create value for the audience; to organise an exhibition for industry specialists yet catering to the
end users.

Incorporating both quality and quantity into our shows, some attendees have described us to have “a great balance between business networking and knowledge sharing”. Thus, we strive to Build Intelligence Globally in Technology and that makes us truly unique.

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