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2018 instalment of BIGIT GOV will be Beyond what we have covered previously. Involving direct government’s key player in the government technology from the Ministries, Agencies, Enterprises and Public Sectors coming together to share their knowledge on the latest technology used in the government and the future framework of how they are going to improve the efficiency using the technology. BIGIT GOV 2018 will be intensively go in depth of issues, innovations, controversies, updates and development on topics tailored by industries experts such as Big Data, Digital Continuity, Government E-Services and Artificial Intelligence.

With a lot of Government Initiative to advance the technology in the country such as TN50 Malaysia, Industry 4.0 Malaysia, E-Services from countries around the world, and the battle of Artificial Intelligence implementation in the public sector, it is time for us to be more aggressive towards the innovation happening around us. Not just to know and understand, but to put ourselves in the race in achieving Global Benchmark of Government Technology in order to be a more effective and updated government and also to provide the greatest Public Service Delivery.

BIGIT has become the fastest rising industry players in providing platform for people from various sectors and countries to meet their business goal at one place. Topics focusing on each of the latest and near future business technology that will put you at the forefront of the industry. Covering trends, issues and problems, latest updates, expert predictions, case studies, Panel Discussions and world class Solutions. This event also offers government professionals valuable insights and showcases solutions in embracing digital services and transforming the lives of citizens and the nation, through exchanging technical knowledge and experience, growing new business opportunities, and fostering innovation and collaboration.


Dr. Suhazimah Binti Dzazali
Deputy Director General (ICT)
MAMPU, Prime Minister’s Department

Dato’ CM Vignaesvaran Jeyandran (D.I.M.P)
Chief Executive
Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF)

Muhammad Neil El Himam
Director, ICT Infrastructure
Indonesia Agency for Creative Economy

Abbas Maaroof, PHD
Currently Consulting for UNDP Jakarta

Dato’ Dr. Haji Amirudin
Abdul Wahab
Chief Executive Officer

Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham bin
Director General of Health
Ministry of Health

Esa Nikunen
Director General
Environmental Centre of
Helsinki City, Finland

Dato’ Sri Zohair bin Haji Akob
Secretary General
Ministry of Works

Rowan Dollar
Chief Information Officer
Northern Territory Government

Dr. Ayad Y. Aldaijy
CIO and Adviser
Minister of Environment, Water & Algriculture
Saudi Arabia


Agenda Day 1: 8th May 2018
8.30am Registration and Morning Coffee
9.00am Welcoming Remarks by the Organiser
9.05am Opening Remarks by Chairperson
9.15am Digital Government
Digital Government Transformation: The Current State of Digital Government in Malaysia and other developing countries
The first session of the conference will straight away address the current scene of Digital Transformation in the country and all other neighbouring countries. How it has changed in the past years and what we can expect in the future. With the government has been actively promoting to go Fully Digital on various of industries, especially with TN50 is on full speed, we should be equipped with necessary tools and expertise. In this session, we will address on:
• The Malaysian Digital Transformation Landscape
• Trends and Prediction of Transformation
• Other successful countries that has benefited from Digital Transformation and how they did it
9.45am Digital Continuity
Integrating Digital Government Continuity to Achieve Maximum Usability
Government gathers huge amount of new data every year. Managing this data is crucial as it will become easily unusable. It is important, especially for government bodies to protect the information to be used when it is needed the most. In this session, you will learn to:
• Strategizing Digital Continuity in your Organization
• The importance of Digital Continuity
• Embedding and Monitoring Digital Continuity in Every Organizations
10.15am Digital Economy
Boosting the Country’s Economy Value by Aligning Government and Industry Goal Towards Achieving Digital Economy
Probably the most important economy in the world, we have to ensure that it is well taken care of in our country. By doing our roles in chasing after digital economy, it will also boost our country’s and as well as the region’s economy value. In this session, we will explore on:
• Private Sectors role
• Government’s responsibilities
• Case studies of Public and Private Partnership in Digital Economy
10.45am Morning Refreshment & Networking Session
11.15am Big Data
The Statistics and Trends of Big Data Utilization in the Government of Malaysia so far
Since the dawn of Big Data, it has been a big hype about Big Data. Private and Public sectors has been back and forth on it’s importance. Now, the government has encouraged everyone to adopt Big Data in their organization. The time for awareness is finally over, it is time for adoption. Before we go knee deep into Big Data, let’s have a 360 degree knowledge on the statistics and trends of Big Data in Malaysia so far:
• Statistics and Trends of Big Data Adoption in Malaysia
• Statistics and Trends of Big Data in the Government
• Case studies from Big Data Adoption
11.45am Open Government Data
Data-Driven Government: Encouraging data sharing, enhancing government service delivery systems and promoting country’s economic growth
Transparency is very important, especially between the Government and Public. This will benefit both the Private and Public sectors as well. However, it comes with a risk. In this session you will have the glimpse of:
• Improving public reachability
• Maximize the utilization of data with minimum or lesser cost
• The Impact of Open Data
12.15pm Data Security
What to know about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): The Benefits and The Not
The Data Protection Law in Malaysia is still in its infancy, however it has been one of the most important law to be complied by the public and private sector. With the implementation of EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is crucial to make sure we understand it completely to avoid the headache later. It has already affected various Multinational Companies, it is time for us to be prepared. In this session, we will discover:
• What is GDPR
• GDPR Compliance for Companies
• Cybersecurity and Data Protection Regulations in Malaysia
12.45pm Networking Lunch Sessions
2.00pm Panel Discussion
Amplifying capabilities, Optimising data interchangeability and Integrating open communication architectures to become a Smarter Community by fusing Big Data, Cloud and IoT
Join Industry experts come together to discuss how we can become a smarter community by instilling a smarter living. This session will be discussing hot topics of how Big Data with IoT can be used to its full potential.
2.45pm Cloud
Reformulating Government Public Service Delivery by Advancing the Adoption of Cloud
Cloud has been introduced to us for many years. However, it is never fully implemented or still got some doubters. Now, foreign government agencies are moving to cloud computing and away from their own data centres faster than private corporations. This is because people has understand that cloud will save time, effort and cost. It is time for our government to be more aggressive in implementing and advancing cloud. In this session we will cover:
• How Cloud has benefited your organization compare to traditional method
• How Cloud status is in Malaysia scene now
• Case studies
3.15pm  Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Session
3.45pm FinTech
The RPA Transformation in the Financial Services and A Glimpse into current Malaysian FinTech Scene
With the government has been aiming to become a Cashless Society by 2050 and giving funding and pushing for the start-ups. It is clear that we are clear focus on the goal. It is the right time to look into RPA as well in the Financial technology. In this session, we will discover:
• Why Malaysia is the best ‘Test Bed’ for FinTech growth
• RPA Transformation in the Asia Market
• How is FinTech doing in the Malaysian scene: A Case Studies
4.15pm Data Governance
Exploring strategies for businesses in competing towards enterprise transformation by establishing a market data governance structure
As the Data circulates from various sectors and industries globally, we must continually govern the data to make sure to keep the information we possess remains valuable and to structure it according to our market in order to not lose to our competition or become obsolete. In this session, we will explore:
• Discovering Data Governance to suit our Market Demands
• Re-strategizing and restructuring our data
• Case Studies4.45pmClosing Remarks & End of Day

  *Conference Agenda is subject to change without prior notice

Agenda Day 2 : 9th May 2018
8.30am Registration and Morning Coffee
9.00am Opening and Welcoming Remarks
9.15am IT Leadership & Digital Innovation in the government: Digital, analytics, cloud and modernization of IT technology trends that are igniting innovation in both the private and public sectors
An opening keynotes from an established IT Leader on how Technology and Digital Innovation is all of our responsibility in order to compete with foreign markets. Government and Private sectors have to work together in order to build a strong Digital Economy for our Economy to Advance. In this session, we will discover:
• The importance of being Aggressive in Implementing Latest Technology
• The Current Technology Trends Innovation
• Case Studies – Examples of few Organization has benefited from a good IT Leaders


9.45amInfrastructure Development to Support the Advancement of Digital Services and Public Service Delivery
A look into Technology infrastructure in the Telecommunication sector and how it will support the advancement of digital services and public service delivery. What roles is being played by the Telco industries in order to keep the industry at the forefront and helping other industries to benefit and advancing themselves.
10.15amData Security
Utilising defensive cyber capabilities to protect Important Data
In 2017, we have faced a lots of securities problems on the internet and private data as well. This problem has grown and started to worry many people as even the largest enterprises got hacked. Who knows what 2018 and so on holds for us. However, this only happen because we underestimate the damaged that could happen and the importance of this. A lot of countries has come up with various law for cybercrimes. It is our responsibilities to protect our valuable information and insights. In this session, we will learn to:
• Identifying threats
• Explore solutions for data security and privacy
• Detection, Prevention and Risk Management
10.45 amMorning Refreshment & Networking Session11.15 amPanel Discussion
Can the Advanced technology such as Big Data and AI transform the Economy Landscape in a country and boost the Standard of Living and Country’s Development?
Topics such as Big Data and AI has been introduced few years back to us. However, not everyone has taken advantage of this. It can be counted by fingers on how many departments are using Big Data or AI in the government organization. Despite the push we get from the ministries and examples from world leaders on advanced technology, what can be done to ensure this transformation? In this session, we will discuss:
• Initiative we can take to ensure transformation
• Each of our responsibilities
• Pros and Cons
• Trends and Prediction
12:00 pmE-Services
Adopting e-services and digitisation in the government: Developing digital systems and services and also the use of middleware to help with the integration of services with systems with other Ministries to create more efficient, connected services and processes
E-Services is a well-known concept where it can very much help the public to be closer with the government and the government to serve the public easier without the traditional hassle. It is time for us to get in depth with the methodology of E-Services and the Digitalisation in the government. And also how each ministry can be connected with each other to create more efficient and connected services.
12.30pmNetworking Lunch Session2.00 pmBig Data
Big Data for Real Time Decision: Using autonomic performance monitoring to make effective real-time decision using real-time data
One of the biggest perks of Big Data is the abilities to make a real time decision using a real time information. This will save a lot of time and cost in order for us to reach our goals and the target audience at the right time. Resulting into more effective organization.
2.30pmArtificial Intelligence (AI)
AI, Government and Public: Redefining Government Strategies for a more effective Public Services
As of 2017, the Prime Minister of Malaysia has announced that Malaysia will develop its own National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Framework. This will boost the country’s advancement. He also mentioned that AI is becoming the defining force of the fourth industrial revolution. This are not only being intensely put into action by Malaysia, but various countries from all around the globe. In this session, let’s take a look on:
• How AI will define the Public Services
• What AI and the Government holds for us in the future
• Where will AI come into the picture in the Government
3.00pmAfternoon Refreshment & Networking Session3.30pmChatbots
The Inception of Chatbots in the industry for a more efficient E-Services
In this Digital Era, it is important for us to get more intuitive ways in order the public can feel more connected. An interaction of real-time will always achieve that goal. However, there are still many things that we have to understand before we accept chatbot as one of our employee.
4.00pmPanel Discussion
/Beyond Big Data>
After Big Data were introduced few years ago, the technology everywhere has been racing with time to develop. Office and business technology has changed the fastest in this decade than any other decade before this. This raise the next question, what is beyond Big Data? We all know AI is currently the most researched and explored technology. However, how can we systematically relate Big Data to AI in order to make sense to our own organization? In this session, we will discover:
• Big Data & AI relationship
• Machine Learning & Deep Learning
• Where are we?
4.45pmClosing Remarks & End of Day


*Conference Agenda is subject to change without prior notice


BIGIT ’s events are niche, exclusive and tailored according to market needs of the host city and as such, only relevant sponsors, exhibitors, and delegates are invited to attend. The BIGIT  consists of the Conference Series and BIGIT Exhibition:

Conference Series focuses on the exploration and discussion on the latest technology trends such as Big Data, IOT and Smart Government. It acts as a platform to create awareness on these topics among industry players.

BIGIT Exhibition fosters the networking between vendors and end-users With a host of key industry players in attendance, it creates a conducive environment for business development and networking.


“Great two days of concept learning & insight sharing of actual case studies. This conference gives me a new experience about Big Data and the importance of Big Data in today’s lifestyle.”

Hong Leong Bank Berhad

“The event provides a unique opportunity for Malaysian business organisations to gain valuable insights and explore the possibilities of Big Data implementation in their organisations.”

Magnum IT

“Interesting presentations, up-to-date information on Big Data. I had a very good networking experience.”

National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau

“Great arrangement and balanced blend of information which consists of industry tools offerings, real use case and technical sharing.”

Hilti IT Asia

“I am enjoying it, interesting and good cross-functional view of what is going on with the big data area from supplier industry.”



Continuing our focus in bringing innovation and breakthrough to the field of technology, our shows are tailored to address the evolving nature of technological advancement. We have seen success in South East Asia region with the Big Data World Show and now, we are recognised as the “Leading Big Data Show in Asia”.

Our priority remains – to create value for the audience; to organise an exhibition for industry specialists yet catering to the end users. Incorporating both quality and quantity into our shows, some attendees have described us to have “a great balance between business networking and knowledge sharing”. Thus, we strive to Build Intelligence Globally in Technology and that makes us truly unique.

Join us and be in the presence of our highly targeted audience attending from all over the world across various industry verticals and
job specialisations.


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BIGIT’s events are niche, exclusive and tailored according to market needs of the host city and address the evolving nature of technological advancement. Our priority remains – to create value for the audience; to organise an exhibition for industry specialists yet catering to the end users.

Incorporating both quality and quantity into our shows, some attendees have described us to have “a great balance between business networking and knowledge sharing”. Thus, we strive to Build Intelligence Globally in Technology and that makes us truly unique.

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